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Galtür, Tirol

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Galtür, Tirol

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Galtür, Tirol

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Galtür, Tirol

26 Apr 2019

Murder Mystery on Venet Mountain

Calling all aspiring detectives and murder mystery fans!

Join us for a murder mystery dinner party on Venet mountain: On 26 April, while you are enjoying your dinner in the panorama restaurant, a murder happens – right under your nose! And you, as a guest who was there at the time, will obviously need an alibi. You don’t have one? Well, then you’d better have your wits about you when it comes to tracking down the perpetrator together with the person sitting next to you. After all, a case like this doesn’t solve itself!

The Alpine murder mystery “Ein Piefke kommt selten allein” (which roughly translate as “German tourists never come singly”) literally serves a murder up on a plate, requiring you to use all your crime-solving expertise.

An entertaining production that promises unforgettable hours in the mountains, combined with top-level cuisine. Are you ready to puzzle over clues with your dinner date? Then this will be your night!

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